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 Muringombugi Church

we have allready established churches have several challenges that needs to be addressed. Any donor or well wisher can assist any of our churches as per the needs listed below.

1.Muringombugi church(headquarters) their needs is-
 (a) Administration Office                                                        (b) Permanent church building


2.Ngushisi church- It is built in a rented plot, their needs are-                     (a)Purchase of a  plot.                                                      (b) semi -permanent  church building

Isiolo town church-This Church was build in a rented plot, their needs is-                             (a)Purchase of church plot

                                                                 (b)Semi- Permanent church building

 4. Karichu church- This church build in a the reted plot, their needs is-                     a) Purchase of plot

                                                                   (b) Semi-permanent church building
5.Antubetwe kiongo church- This Church it is in a the rented hall- their needs is-                                     (a)Purchase of church plot                                                               (b)Semi-permanent church building

Mbuuta at sunday service

6. Mbuuta church- They use shade to their servises in the rented plot, they needs-    
                                          (a) Purchase of church plot

                                                                     (b) Semi-permanent church building.  

(c) preaching iquipment

Mbuuta church shade.

Our churches are very young and anyone willing to adopt any of the pastors from the above-mentioned churches is highly welcome. (get their names in our website on ‘About us’).

(2) PROJECT                                       


We have started a project called Immanuel church planting, training and outreaches. The main aim of the project is to reach the un-reached communities within Meru south, Meru central, Meru north and Isiolo districts of eastern province in Kenya.

The targeted tribes are: Tharaka, Mwimbi,Tigania,Igembe, Chuka, Boran, Turkana and Somalis through home to home visitations, crusades, showing of films,tent meetings and leaders training.

The project will take 10 years and the anticipated result of converts to Christ is 120,600 people. The new converts will be taught how to win others for Christ. We are targeting to plant at least three churches per year.

To be able to accomplish our mission, we need to purchase powerful preaching instruments. Projectors, automobile, media advertisements, rent of land to plant new churches, building of single church structures. The project is established to cost us $190,000 within the first year.

We appeal for donations from well-wishers, individuals churches and organizations to enable us accomplish the project.

For any donation, please contact us on the line in our website or E-mail us at Ischristiancentre@yahoo.co.uk. P.O BOX 940, MERU 60200,KENYA; EASTAFRICA

TEL (CELL) +254721793440(DIRECTOR)










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